Restaurant - Hotel L'Ulivo, the flavours of Ogliastra

The L’Ulivo Restaurant is the ideal destination for those who love Sardinia and good food. Located in Girasole, Ogliastra, the restaurant offers a unique culinary experience which combines the flavours of Sardinian tradition with the creativity of Chef Serafino.

Fresh, seasonal products

An unforgettable culinary experience

The cuisine of the L’Ulivo Restaurant is based on the use of fresh, seasonal products from Sardinia. 

The chef is committed to enhancing the flavours of the territory, using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking techniques.

Taste and tradition

A welcoming environment

The L’Ulivo Restaurant is a welcoming and familiar environment, ideal for a romantic dinner or an evening with friends. 

The internal room is spacious and bright and has a large wood-fired oven which churns out fragrant, delicious pizzas. 

During the summer season, the service moves to the cool dehors, overlooking the garden and swimming pool.

Creativity from the chef and impeccable service

A menu for all tastes

The L’Ulivo Restaurant offers a menu that ranges from typical Sardinian cuisine to international cuisine. The fish-based menu is a must, and offers delicious seafood specialities, such as mixed fried fish and grilled fresh fish. The typical Sardinian menu is an opportunity to taste the authentic flavours of Sardinia, such as fregola with mussels and roast porceddu.