The amphitheatre by the sea

Ogliastra, Sardinia in two dimensions. Seaside and mountains, for an unforgettable holiday.

Sardinia, land of the sea

The Sea

If you love the sea in all its forms, Sardinia is the perfect destination for you. Its coasts are full of beaches and coves for swimming, practising water sports, and relaxing in the sun.

Remember to respect the sea and the surrounding environment. Sardinia is a splendid land, which deserves to be preserved.

Unspoiled nature and beauty

The Mountains

Sardinia is a land of contrasts, with rugged coasts and paradisical beaches, and with imposing mountains and breathtaking landscapes.

The mountains in Sardinia offer a unique experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in uncontaminated nature and have unforgettable adventures.

Trekking routes and excursions

A paradise for trekking lovers, the area offers a wide variety of routes that are suitable for all levels of preparation.

From easy, family-friendly excursions to challenging routes that require good training, Sardinia has something to offer everyone.