By motorbike in Ogliastra

Ogliastra is one of the parts of Sardinia that those who love motorbiking prefer to visit.
Each kilometre of route offers unique and wild landscapes that change curve after curve.
Going through Ogliastra means crossing the Eastern coast of Sardinia for about 80 km, passing through towns and places that are particular and characteristic of the area such as Tertenia, Cardedu, Lanusei, Arzana, Tortolì and Lotzorai.
The ridge to follow is the national road 125, the Route 66 marked 4 mori, a road that goes from the sea to the mountain, then descends back down to the coast. In a few hours you will have the opportunity to visit extremely different landscapes going up and down in altitude merely by accelerating a few times.

Among the many and varied itineraries we can recommend a simple one, that makes you want to discover all the other possibilities day by day.
Starting from Girasole, in about ten minutes you will arrive in Santa Maria Navarrese, a lively tourist centre where you can stop for a nice breakfast, for a visit to the Spanish Tower or to the Church of Santa Maria di Navarra.
From Santa Maria Navarrese you start the climb: a series of deep hairpin bends lead directly to the Golgo plateau, a wide valley surrounded by dense vegetation, nuraghe and ramparts, and one of the most important and appreciated historical archaeological sites in the area.
Once you have arrived at high altitude (you reach 1000 metres above sea level), you begin the descent to the coast of the Gulf of Orosei where the spectacle offered by nature will leave you speechless, and the road and the type of asphalt offer the bikes a good set-up.
Choose where to stop for refreshments or simply to fully enjoy the panorama which our unspoiled nature has to offer.
Following the path that overlooks the coast, from the top you can admire the coves that cut through the rocks and can be reached either by land or by sea.
The best time to visit Sardinia by motorbike is most definitely the one that goes from late spring to autumn, a period when, in addition to the mild climate, you will find really exciting colour games and shades.
At the Hotel, you will receive all the necessary information to ensure that your itineraries are always fun and safe.


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